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Neutral partnered with Ectogasm to create a unique, elegant & playful e-commerce experience.

Project shots
The homepage hero is an instant showcase of the brand personality. We used animations and hover effects to build on top of the visual design.
The Product Listing Page uses Tarot inspired product card designs.
The Product Detail Page uses a 50/50 layout that keeps the product information fixed to the right as you scroll through the gallery of images on the left.
The Story Page makes use of scrolling and hover effects to create a magical experience that represents the overall brand.
Backend shots
Using rich text editors allows us to add more playfulness and animations on the front-end - each bold word triggers a delightful hover animation which expresses the brand's personality.
Thanks to a fully custom plugin, we're able to feature products within marketing pages to enhance the connection between brand and commerce.
This is another look at the products modal, where you can search any product from your store directly in the CMS.
We're leveraging Dato's modular content field to create rich articles with several different components - one of which allows to feature products.
About the project

Ectogasm is an independently owned online store based in Los Angeles that sells hand crafted goods, designed by the founder, Raeha. The use of Shopify paired with DatoCMS was a perfect fit, allowing us to create a flexible XYZ based offering that the Ectogasm team could use without any issues.

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