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Skialper Buyer's Guide

Probably the most accurate ski test out there.

Made by Piramid
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About the project

Skialper Buyer's Guide is a digital infrastructure designed to efficiently manage and deliver online data related to product testing in both summer and winter mountain activities, encompassing laboratory and on-snow evaluations. Its primary objective is to enhance awareness among potential buyers, whether they are enthusiasts, professionals, or newcomers to these pursuits.

The platform is committed to providing test results to consumers in multiple languages, initially focusing on Italian and English. This approach is intended to maximize the dissemination of information, and this process may also involve the use of APIs.

Moreover, Skialper Buyer's Guide distinguishes itself by creating engaging narrative formats that not only inform but also inspire potential buyers to make informed decisions and participate in mountain-related sports.

The digitalization of information and the integration of internal content translation and approval procedures substantially bolster the efficiency of product testing.

Skialper Buyer's Guide stands as an invaluable technological resource for mountain sports enthusiasts.

Our technological ecosystem has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the effective management of various facets of our service. Here's an overview of the critical technical features supporting our system:

  1. Vercel for Deployment: Vercel serves as our primary deployment platform. With its scalable architecture and robust continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities, we can promptly and effectively release new versions of our service. This approach allows us to maintain a stable infrastructure and respond promptly to our users' needs.

  2. Commerce Layer for Subscription Management: Subscription management is a pivotal element of our business model. We have adopted Commerce Layer to effectively oversee subscription plans, transactions, and payment-related data. This empowers us to offer our customers a seamless and secure subscription experience, while reliably managing billing and financial operations.

  3. Crowdin for Translation Management: Our service is accessible in numerous languages to cater to a global audience. Crowdin is the platform we utilize for translation management. It provides a collaborative workspace where translators collaborate to ensure the precise localization of our content. This capability enables us to communicate accurately and deliver a personalized user experience in multiple languages.

  4. DatoCMS for Content Management: DatoCMS plays a critical role in content management and collaboration. This platform enables us to efficiently create, edit, and organize content, ensuring that our messaging and information remain up-to-date and relevant to our users.

In summary, our technological stack is purposefully designed to maximize efficiency and enhance the user experience of our service. Vercel ensures the maintenance of a robust infrastructure, Commerce Layer supports subscription management, Crowdin enables us to reach a global audience through precise translations, and DatoCMS facilitates content management and collaborative efforts. These technical features are vital in delivering a high-quality service that meets the diverse needs of our global user base.

We proudly collaborate with:

  • Piramid: Working alongside Piramid Team, Alessio Premoli and Annalisa Antonioli serve as the coding wizards behind our project, using their exceptional development skills to create digital magic.

  • Francesco Carletto: Francesco Carletto plays a pivotal role in product definition.

  • Tundra with Davide Genovese: Tundra, with the collaborative efforts of Davide Genovese, manages the visual and UI aspects of our project.

  • Bomberos: Bomberos takes the lead in the UX component, ensuring a holistic and user-friendly experience for our users.

  • The Action Sports Translator: The customer rely on The Action Sports Translator as a trusted translation agency to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of translations for their global audience.

Last but not least, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our customer, Mulatero Editore, for granting us this valuable opportunity.

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