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The goal was to create a modern, fast, beautiful-looking website built on flexible and modern technologies integrated with HubSpot CRM.

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Complex Multilevel Realtime Animation
Integration With Stripe
Integration with the Hubspot forms
Complex Realtime Animation of Study Process
Incredible Speed of Loading and Moving Between Pages.
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The Constructor of the Page Built on DataCMS
About the project

In choosing technologies for the implementation of the project, we proceeded from the following points:

1. We have to be able to scale the project in any direction the client wants - from an information site to an online store with personalized customer accounts, a forum, a blog, and a SAAS application. The chosen solution should not slow us down in achieving the client's goals.

2. The project needs to be supported for decades, so choosing the most modern and sustainable technologies that will be relevant even after many years is necessary.

3. Technologies should be popular and widely used right now and have enough tools to quickly implement current tasks without forcing us to create some tools from scratch.

4. Integration with any CMR, CMS, payment, accounting, and delivery systems should be simple and not take much time.

5. Content editing should be intuitive and easy to implement. Managers and content creators should not spend much time learning redundant tools and entities; they should get exactly what they need in the simplest form.

As a result, we chose Next.js - a dynamically developing React-based framework that allows us to write both frontend (React) and backend (Node.js) parts with a lot of performance and SEO optimization tools, which is a must for implementation in almost every project.

Modern dynamic rendering and server rendering technologies allow us to control the project and what the end user will see to the smallest detail.

JavaScript, one of the most popular and fastest-growing programming languages ​​at the heart of React and Node.js, will provide many years of support for the project without the costly transition to technologies based on other programming languages.

We chose DatoCMS as the CMS system because it is very easy for content creators to connect to a website or application. Many different fields, data types and built-in CDA Playground simplify developers' work and speed up project task completion.

DatoCMS, Hubspot, Netsuite, and Azure SSO are just some of the integrations we are currently working on for this project, and we look forward to working on more!

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