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Tectonica's Strategic Collaboration with Civitech

Tectonica collaborated with Civitech, a fellow B-Corp committed to enhancing democracy through accessible tools, to expand their services and reach a wider audience. This case study illustrates our joint efforts to fuel growth and impact, showcasing the strength of values-based partnerships in driving positive change.

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Civitech is a company that builds tools to make our democracy more accessible, equitable, and fair. They work with progressive candidates, organizations, and individuals to ensure more people can vote, more voters turn out, and everyone can have representation that reflects the diversity of the US. In 2022, Civitech provided the tools to reach 24 million potential voters, identified 44 million new potential voters, and helped many new contacts complete their registrations through the mail and increase turnout through peer-to-peer texting.

We were excited to connect with Civitech, which like Tectonica is also a B-Corp organization, and has a mission that deeply aligns and overlaps with our own. Specifically, we are both committed to creating a seismic shift in the way we do politics in order to bring marginalized voices into the civic space, and democratizing our campaigning practices.  We both believe in technology that has the potential to empower communities and enable them to make a positive impact on politics and civics, and that's exactly what Civitech is doing. This made working together an especially great fit.

Seizing the Opportunity for Transformation and Growth

When Civitech first reached out to Tectonica to explore service options, they had arrived at a moment of opportunity. With the civic tech space on the left saturated with smaller tech startups, a need existed for consolidation of these innovations into larger tech product offerings with more expansive services. This moment held great potential for Civitech, but it would require a transformation in order to be fully capitalized upon. To build a sustainable product that continues to grow, it was essential that the company expand its client base from a small set of larger clients to a broader base of individual clients and positioning of greater prominence in the Democratic campaign space.

Discovery Process and Strategic Website Redesign

Civitech’s objective was to recruit more prospects at the top of their sales funnel, raising awareness of Civitech among potential leads. This involved leveraging shared values and objectives, further articulating the value of their products with potential clients to bring them in with a properly strategized, meaningful and appealing invitation through Civitech’s online space. With this in mind, Tectonica conducted a process of discovery in which we worked with Civitech to come up with a website redesign strategy.

The objective was to generate conversations about or related to Civitech's products, establish stronger relationships with potential clients, and highlight the value of their products as a solution for specific needs. Tectonica grasped Civitech's target audience and was ideally positioned to assist them in scaling their business. Although Tectonica is not a conventional marketing firm, we understand Civitech's audience and have direct knowledge of the campaigns and vendors that serve the client base, as well as the networks that Civitech wishes to reach. We challenged a general misconception that they were merely a technology firm and concluded that they are not just a tech company, but a company that employs technology to provide support for leaders in constructing a more equitable and just democracy (sounds familiar to us here at Tectonica!). This perspective influenced the overall strategy we created for how Civitech presents its services online to the world.

Empowering Underrepresented Groups in the Political Process

A hugely important aspect of the project's end result is the website's ability to engage underrepresented groups in the US political process. We wanted the website to serve as a virtual storefront that consolidates the company's current products, prepares for future developments and acquisitions, and encourages new contacts to enter the sales funnel from diverse sources. However, it was critical that the website does this while specifically empowering people who are young, queer, BiPOC, women, and other marginalized groups who are not adequately represented in the political arena.

Transforming the Website for Enhanced User Engagement

It's also important to note the strategy we brought to their online presentation. We transformed their website from being focused on individual product offerings and created a user journey by categorizing types of clients and creating sections specifically for their user journey, then offered the tech solutions that supported their aims. 

In addition to creating landing pages and enhancing site security, we implemented a component-based architecture in the new site and enabled Civitech to easily generate new sections and pages as needed. We integrated their CRM with the website, ensuring a more fluid connection, and applied their fresh branding. Our collaboration with Civitech prioritized scalability, and we are proud to have created a website that’s accessible and reaches the people. We are also thrilled to continue our work with them on further developments to build out their marketing funnel.


Tectonica's work with Civitech is a perfect example of how a values-based business can help another business scale by leveraging their expertise and network. Our deep understanding of Civitech's sector and target audience enabled us to create a marketing funnel that will help Civitech scale their business and reach a broader audience.


"Tectonica has been a great partner for us to identify and communicate with our audiences. We worked with them to build out a website that tells our story and helps us connect with our community in a meaningful way. We look forward to continuing to work with Tectonica on future strategic projects.”

- Teisha Garrett, VP of Marketing, Civitech

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