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Choose Better - B Lab Europe

We created Choose Better

a consumer oriented platform informing about concious buying decision and why Certified B Corps make a difference.

Made by &why studio
Project shots
Birds-eye view of the Choose Better 3D world.
A journey step in the Choose Better experience.
At each step, the Choose Better experience informs users about the impact of everyday decisions.
Backend shots
Journey steps are edited in Dato CMS.
For Choose better, we rely only on a handful of models and block elements.
About the project

Project overview:

Choosebetter offers an immersive exploration of the numerous choices we make in our daily lives, whether it's selecting a coffee or purchasing clothing. To facilitate this experience, we developed a 3D scene that allows users to navigate along a path and collect items along the way, each providing information about the item.

Our key objectives for the project were:

  1. Create an immersive scene that captivates and engages users throughout their experience.

  2. Provide easily digestible information at each item stop, empowering users with important details about their choices.

  3. Ensure the overall experience is enjoyable and vibrant.

DatoCMS Integration:

DatoCMS greatly facilitated the entire process by providing a structured backend that allows clients to easily edit the content for the collectable items. Its versatility extends to non-traditional websites, such as 3D experiences, ensuring a seamless content editing experience for both clients and developers.

DatoCMS powers the following:

  • Content for items within the immersive 3D world, including text, images, and links.

  • Any custom settings that can modify the layout or content based on specific requirements.

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&why is a digital creative studio pairing strategy, design, and technology.
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