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Flamel Bistrot is a new restaurant in the old town of Lugano, Switzerland, specializing in mixology cocktails and sporting a new, modern twist on local food

Made by Xpitality
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Table reservation
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Dynamic section for the daily menu
Serverless function (email/zapier) configuration
About the project

This website is built in Next.js, and the main focus points were creating a smooth flow for the tricky responsive design, setting up a proper integration with the customer's reservation platform, finding an easy solution to allow editors to create events and upload the related menus and integrate a custom-built, configurable serverless function allowing form data (reservation contacts, mailing list subscriptions) to be sent to either/or an email or a Zapier webhook for further transformations yet storing all user touchpoints to be inline with EU GDPR and Swiss DPA.

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Xpitality is a Milan-based boutique agency with a focus on helping you convert visitors into customers.
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