DatoCMS Technology Partner

imgix manages, optimizes, and delivers images and videos for faster pages, better visual quality, and a simpler workflow.

DatoCMS’ seamless partnership with imgix directly supports your image optimization and CDN needs.  imgix empowers businesses like yours to optimize and deliver stunning visual experiences - images and videos - to your users.

We serve over 20 million web pages daily, all across the World, with over 8 billion images served per day with a 99.99% cache hit rate. We can help accelerate how fast your pages load across all devices with optimal resolution and automated responsive design.

This, in turn, drives incremental revenue by boosting your SEO, customer conversion, and reducing your bounce rates.  In addition, reduce your storage and bandwidth costs through our visual media compression, auto-formatting to next-gen formats such as AVIF, WebP and HLS, and on-the-fly rendering capabilities.

Save IT/ Engineering and Marketing time through our simplified workflow.  We provide an end-to-end visual media platform where you can seamlessly manage, optimize, and serve all your images and videos through imgix to deliver a more captivating and high-performing experience no matter the browser or device the customer is using.

PS: when working on larger or enterprise projects, check out the custom storage options we offer.