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Community Translations: let our backend speak your language!

Posted on September 26th, 2019 by Matteo Giaccone

Sometimes, when you work on something complex and demanding, you want to read and communicate in your mother tongue. We wanted to localize DatoCMS in other languages for years, but it's challenging to offer a future-proof translation for an everchanging service like ours.

After years, we have finally finalized a process for translating our backend and in the meantime keeping the translation effort in sync with future developments.

Now we have a way to accept, control, and maintain different community-based translations, offering some DatoCMS store credit as a token of gratitude.

Community translators get invited in our translation management system, Loco, where they can take advantage of a convenient UI for translating texts.

For every deploy, our build process pulls the translations from Loco, so you're always guaranteed to get the latest version available.

What if you don't have time to regularly maintain a language, but you spot some typo while using the product? Easy enough! Translations are also kept in-sync with our public datocms/translations Github repo, so instead of having to ask us access to Loco, you can just send us a quick pull request via Github without the need of any approval process.

Get involved and get some credit to spend on DatoCMS!

If you can help with existing translations or you want to start a new localization project, we offer in exchange credits based on the number of translations needed.

Visit our translations project and be in touch; we offer up to €500 in credits!