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Mobile editing interface at last!

Posted on January 14th, 2021 by Stefano Verna

Having a mobile interface for a CMS is not necessary, until it is. Maybe a particular post needs to be edited at the last minute before it gets published, or even worse, it's already gone online but with a typo in the first sentence, and you're away from your computer.

For this reason, over the past month we've been working on making the DatoCMS editing interface fully responsive.

In order to cope with the small size of the medium, we tried to reduce the interface around the main content as much as possible, while keeping all the functionality, so that nothing is missing.

This can be considered a first iteration, which will be followed by others based on your feedback, but we're still light years ahead of where we were before, so we didn't want to wait too long to start releasing it.

Happy New Year folks!