New Releases

Summertime didn’t stop DatoCMS progress, in fact we’re proud to announce two important new features and other changes that improve the quality of usage of DatoCMS.


The first feature that we’re going to cover improves drastically how you can manage your site, you’ll be able to do that with Webhooks. You can now be notified when one of these actions occur inside a DatoCMS project:

  • Create/update/delete/publish/unpublish a record
  • Create/update/delete a model
  • Create/update/delete an upload (that is, a file or an image in your Media area)

You can set filters too. For example, you can be notified just when a record of a specific model (e.g. Article) is updated.

These are some examples of what you can do with webhooks:

  • Integrate/sync DatoCMS data with third-party systems (e.g. Snipcart, Shopify, Algolia);
  • Get Slack/email notifications;
  • Automatically post an update on Facebook/Twitter;
  • Produce an automatic deploy on your staging environment.
Webhook full view
An already set webhook ready to be edited

If you don't want to write any integration code, you can use Zapier Webhooks to connect a DatoCMS event with hundreds of different external services, creating any kind of complex automation workflow.

You can read all the details regarding this feature in our documentation page.

Multi Environments

The next feature is a testimony to DatoCMS constant progress. In the beginnings, there was only one environment per DatoCMS project. Later on, the production and the development environments were introduced. Now you can add as many environments as you like, based on your pricing plan.

You can set multiple environments to deploy your project to as many external services you need.

Where to create new environments in settings
You can create new environments in the deplyoment section of the settings

Your editorial team can publish their content on many different platforms, via a simple button.

Status button multi deployment option
You can choose on what environment to deploy

Thanks to this new feature your data is managed via a single source and you can send it everywhere: a website, an app, a wearable or your VR system. You can manage any kind of project in an easy and efficient way.

There are four other improvements that are going to make your everyday use of DatoCMS easier.

Customizable toolbar for HTML and Markdown editors

You can now customize the toolbar buttons on multi-paragraph HTML and markdown fields from the presentation tab.

This will allow an easier approach for the editors when they’re using DatoCMS, being customizable makes it faster for admins to respond to the editors’ requests.

Customize toolbar with toolbar buttons in presentation settings
Some of the options available to configure for the toolbar

Update media in place

You can change any media by simply uploading a new asset, gone are the days of hunting down old media to delete it.

replace content link highlight
You can replace an asset directly from a content block too

New tabular visualization mode

We added the ability to present DatoCMS records in a table, you can completely configure the columns (add, remove, reorder and resize) too.

Select and remove the columns and then move them the way you like

The default is on the classic "compact" visualization mode, if you want to switch to this new mode head over one of your models and change it to "Tabular view":

allow tabular view via settings
This is where you can set your records visualization mode to tabular view

Records creation is now considerably faster

Thanks to an optimization to our database queries creating/updating a record is now ten times faster, give it a try!

What’s next?

Over the last three months, DatoCMS has seen an explosion in usage. We’re incredibly grateful for the enthusiasm and feedback we’re getting from you! Stay tuned because new features and most importantly a shift in perspective is coming and we’ll need all of you more than ever.

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