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Out of beta!

Posted on November 21st, 2016 by Stefano Verna

After 3 months of public beta-testing, we're happy to announce DatoCMS is officially charging money! This marks an important milestone, allowing us to improve your experience by adding features like 24/7 customer service.

We truly appreciate the support and feedbacks you guys gave us during the beta period. We're committed, more than ever, to provide the best platform to build easy-to-use and powerful static websites.

An updated pricing

During these months, we closely monitored your usage of the platform, and we identified 3 main "targets" for this platform:

  • Developers, looking for a web-based editing experience for their personal existing static websites;

  • Web agencies, tired of having to build brochure-websites for their clients with tools like Wordpress. They demand a safer, cheapier, faster and easier to develop alternative;

  • Startups, looking for a simple, rock-solid solution for their static marketing websites that would enable internal non-tech-savvy editors/marketers to update the website without having to interrupt a developer.

With these targets in mind, we released new pricing plans for DatoCMS. We're pretty satisfied with the result, as we think we reached a very competitive price point with a lot of great features packed in.

In the following days we'll also release a special bulk/volume pricing for agencies that will allow them to drammatically cut their invoices (up to 50%) once they accumulate a minimum number of websites published with DatoCMS.

We'll also add a totally free, special pro-bono/open-source plan very soon.

A special gift for our early adopters :)

To thank existing custumers for their support and enthusiasm, we switched all the existing sites to a special "Early adopter" plan, extremely generous and totally free. You will always be able to switch to an even bigger plan when you need it.

Feedbacks are (very) welcome

We hope our new pricing will sound right to you.. drop us a line at for any further question!