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Stepping up the content localization game: introducing Translator roles

Posted on August 3rd, 2021 by Stefano Verna

Today we're thrilled to release Translator roles, a way to restrict your translators to edit only the locales they are responsible for. It is the missing puzzle piece that allows DatoCMS to be a complete solution for all your localization needs.

Why localized content is so important?

The benefits of localized personalisation are extremely valuable, as it plays a critical role in how consumers perceive and relate to the brand:

  • According to Gartner, companies who invest in online personalisation technology outsell their counterparts by approximately 30%.

  • study of Fortune 500 companies showed those that localized their content were twice as likely to increase profit and 125% more likely to grow earnings per share year-over-year.

Marketers understand the value that comes from strengthening personal connections with their audiences, and the impact these efforts have in creating long-term customer loyalty. This is especially true now with COVID-19, so brands are turning to more localized and targeted content that makes sense for each unique market condition.

DatoCMS as your go-to localization solution

DatoCMS is well-known for being one of the world’s best content platforms — especially when it comes to localized content. It already offers anything you might need to handle multiple languages at scale:

  • Support to localization is out-of-the-box: you just need to check an option on the UI, and you're good to go;

  • You can customize locales as you prefer — we even support bespoke locale codes!

  • You can control localization on a per-field basis. That is, you can specify which parts of a document need to be translated or not;

  • You can enforce your documents to have a translated content for every locale defined in your project, or just a subset, depending on the specific use case;

  • You're free to transform an already existing field into a localized one at any moment, without having to create a custom script. Just check the "multi-language" option, and the system will take care of data-integrity for you.

How to setup the new per-locales permissions

Our improved roles/permissions system allows to specify which locales each collaborator can add/edit/remove on any record.

For each role you can define both global rules, which will be applied to all models in your project, and specific per-model rules, giving maximum flexibility:

Every role can customize which locales can be edited

On the content editing side of things, the translator will only be able to make changes to their locale, and will see the content defined for other locales as grayed out:

Give Translator Roles a try!

Translator role is a feature enabled only for Enterprise customers. If your company is interested, please contact our Sales team for more details! We'll be happy to offer you a one-month trial to see if our improved localization system solves your company needs.