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Bauhem's work has made it possible to create a website that is both efficient and aesthetic, which meets the needs of Réemploi+ customers and visitors.

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Bauhem created the Réemploi+ website with a combination of modern and innovative technologies. The choice of DatoCMS for content management allowed for quick creation and easy updating of the website. The use of VueJS, a responsive JavaScript framework, has helped create dynamic and high-performance user interfaces for a pleasant and smooth user experience.

The Bauhem team also used Webflow to design the website, which allowed extensive customization of the site's appearance, while providing ease of use for visitors and administrators.

The end result is a professional, clear and easy-to-navigate website that perfectly represents the missions and values of Réemploi+. The website offers a friendly and intuitive user experience, allowing visitors to easily discover the different Reemployment+ offers and understand their environmental and social impact.

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Bauhem Agency gives international businesses a competitive edge through responsive Webflow Design, automations and fast DatoCMS development.
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