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Moods Zürich

The new web application for the Zurich concert venue Moods seamlessly integrates club website and streaming platform, bridging the gap between analog and digital music experiences.

Made by dreipol
Project shots
Detaildesign of club program and streaming
Dark and light mode for navigation purposes
Logic of the subscription process
Bold design inspired by an advertising pillar
Backend shots
Possibility to create a page tree
Extendable Rich Text Editor which makes editing super flexible
About the project

The Jazzverein Moods has been running a concert venue since its foundation in 1992. With around 350 concerts a year, the non-profit association has established itself as a pillar of the local music scene. Since 2016, Moods has a modern broadcast studio that allows the recording of concerts in high audio and video quality. The recordings are available for streaming for a fee via a specially created digital platform.

As part of a transformation project, the two business areas of club and streaming were to be merged with its main focus on the music experience – regardless of whether it is enjoyed digitally or on site.

The new platform is intended to inform and inspire visitors. On the one hand, this will open up an additional, younger audience for Moods. On the other hand, it enables the association to fulfill its purpose in the long term and offer the local music scene income opportunities and a channel for self-marketing.

Software Architecture

Thanks to the Headless CMS, we were able to reduce the complexities in the code. We removed the UM systems and security-relevant topics from the frontend and moved them to the backend. The backend is the link between DatoCMS and the event database. The frontend only communicates with Dato CMS for content data while the backend manages the users and provides an API for security sensitive data to the frontend.

Webhooks & Page Preview

The webhooks allow the CMS author to preview drafted content at any time, making the CMS feel like it is fully integrated into the website.

Furthermore, authors can easily preview and create newsletters in DatoCMS and send them directly to Mailchimp via webhooks.


We developed a complex web application for Moods that combines club and streaming services in a unique way within the new website.

The platform includes the following areas:

  • Club program

  • Blog

  • Tickets & Vouchers

  • Live-streaming

  • Video on Demand

  • Profile area for users

The website is complemented by curated and own blog contributions; true to the credo "by music lovers for music lovers". The integration of YouTube and Spotify turns the magazine section into an interactive digital content hub.

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