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The Trends Top Website counts a monthly average of up to 600.000 unique visitors and 2.4 million page views. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on Trends Top is a dedicated section on their website designed to address common queries and provide helpful information to users. It aims to offer clarity and assist users in navigating through the features and services offered by Trends Top.

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Reference Case: Trends Top - Seamless Migration from Legacy CMS to DatoCMS


Trends Business Information


Trends Top had been relying on a legacy CMS that hindered their ability to adapt to market demands and provide a modern user experience. The legacy CMS posed limitations, caused technical complexities, and hindered efficient content management. ESC sought a solution that would allow for a step-by-step migration without disrupting their existing codebase and creating additional complexities.


ESC chose DatoCMS, a powerful headless CMS platform, to replace their legacy CMS. The headless setup of DatoCMS enabled a seamless migration within the existing codebase without creating extra complexity. The migration process was executed step by step, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruption to the live website.


1. Improved Efficiency: DatoCMS streamlined content management processes, allowing Trends Top to efficiently create, edit, and publish content. The intuitive interface and advanced features enabled their team to work more effectively, reducing time spent on content management tasks.

2. Enhanced Scalability: With DatoCMS's headless architecture, Trends Top gained the flexibility to scale their website and adapt to future business needs. The decoupling of the backend and frontend allowed for independent updates and modifications, enabling faster development cycles and improved agility.

3. Seamless Integration: DatoCMS seamlessly integrated with the existing codebase, eliminating the need for extensive rework or redevelopment. This saved time, effort, and resources, ensuring a cost-effective migration process.

4. Modern User Experience: The migration to DatoCMS empowered Trends Top to deliver a modern and engaging user experience. The headless setup enabled the frontend team to leverage modern technologies and frameworks, resulting in a faster, more responsive website with improved performance.

5. Developer-Friendly: DatoCMS's developer-friendly environment and extensive documentation simplified the migration process. The development team quickly adapted to the new CMS, leveraging DatoCMS's powerful APIs and SDKs to customize and extend the platform according to Trends Top's specific requirements.


Through a step-by-step migration from their outdated CMS to DatoCMS, Trends Top successfully improved efficiency, scalability, and the overall user experience. The headless setup of DatoCMS allowed for a seamless integration within the existing codebase, eliminating extra complexity and ensuring a smooth transition. Trends Top can now focus on providing high-quality business data and services while enjoying the benefits of a modern and flexible CMS solution.

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