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The best way to predict the future is to make it happen – Impaktly is a regenerative growth agency propelling companies into a preferable future.

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Impaktly positions itself at the center of sustainability and business growth. As a pioneering Nordic sustainability consulting firm, their mission is to guide businesses towards practices and strategies that ensure a sustainable future for all. Impaktly offers services in four categories–advisory, agency, academy, and tech–and they wanted to base their website around these services.

The project

Through collaboration with the Impaktly team, we designed and developed a website that embodies their values. Combining the design and development with specific SEO strategies, we ensured Impaktly stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its compelling narrative on sustainable growth.

The role of DatoCMS

Through the use of DatoCMS, we were able to build out the content model really fast, with just the right flexibilities and constraints.

Using the side-by-side previews plugin from DatoCMS, the content creators at Impaktly were able to live preview draft content additions on the site before publising them.

Using DatoCMS Webhooks and incremental static regeneration from NextJS, it was easy to make it possible for new content to instantly go live once published, without the need to have to rebuild the entire site and wait for several minutes.

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