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Feels Like Website is the online home of Feels Like, a design and innovation studio. It starts with images that make you squint, and a playful, exploratory UI that hopes to answer the question: what does Feel Like... feel like?

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Configurable parameters for AI-generated images
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About the project is built with React using the Next.js framework, TypeScript, SCSS with CSS modules, Three.js, Framer Motion, and Zustand, hosted on Vercel. Tightly coupled with DatoCMS for content management, we were able to create an extensible and dynamic content modeling system using Models and Blocks, as well as make excellent use of the new Structured Text field in tandem with the tried and true Modular Content field for dynamic component-based content composition. 

Given the paramount importance of visuals on the site, we wanted to give editors full control over the look and feel, beyond the usual typography and layout styles. The AI-generated images which are currently featured on the home and contact pages are rendered using WebGL via Three.js to implement custom shaders and animations, with all parameters customizable from DatoCMS. In other words, not only are the prompts and AI-generated images themselves managed via DatoCMS, but all blocks that handle AI-generated images have fields for setting such parameters as transition time, blur strength, blur resolution, blur kernel size, noise opacity, blend mode, multipliers, and so on. 

Additionally, DatoCMS makes it easy to leverage Next.js features, such as preview mode and ISR, which creates an iteration process that is highly interactive and seamless, from side-by-side preview mode to the ability to revalidate on-demand using webhooks.

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Feels Like creates interfaces that do & feel more.
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