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A very large project. Migration of multiple translated websites into a single one.

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About the project

Landing page machine

Creation of a "landing page machine". Generate an LP in minutes with Masteos branding.

Implementation and maintenance of tracking tools (Hubspot, GA, Plausible, Fb pixel, etc.).


Over a hundred LPs used in ads today.

Website redesign.

Following our advice and to improve Masteos' SEO, we merged their and sites under a single domain:

Using the same tools as the landing page machine (Dato and Next.js), we migrated all content (400+ pages) to the new platform.

Editors can now modify the site easily and without risk.

To carry out the migration properly, we had Victor on board to handle tracking issues, Sandra for SEO and Maxime for code.


One month after the migration, SEO stats were back on the rise.

There were no broken links, loss of backlinks, duplicate content or loss of traffic.


"The migration could have taken much, much longer. We've noticed that it didn't even take a month, as opposed to the usual two. It's a very, very fine job by Maxime's team.
Performance is excellent, and thanks to the quality of the migration, we're seeing an explosion in traffic, almost reaching the site's record levels.

Fanny Baridon - SEO manager,

Our experience with the GEAAS collective was exceptional during our site migration.

Their expertise was crucial in meeting our deadline, while rapidly restoring our site's SEO performance in just a few weeks.
The synergy of skills in SEO, tracking and development ensured the technical stability of this migration at all levels, saving our team a great deal of time.

We highly recommend the GEAAS collective for their professionalism and significant impact on our project.

Manuel Lesueur - CMO

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