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A flexible CMS implementation for Ir Olav's Globetrotters

Ir Olav's Globetrotters is an international recruitment company. They had a lack of flexibility with their old CMS system, therefore we launched a brand new platform on DatoCMS which gives them the ability to maintain their website for customers in the Netherlands and their second website for candidates in South Africa.

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About the project

A better experience for content managers

Ir Olav's Globetrotters reached out to Iquality because they were not happy with their current websites. One of the biggest hassles was the fact that the content managers didn't had the flexibility to adjust the website in the way that they wanted.

In addition, their website was not connected to their recruitment software. One of the main functions of both websites is to showcase the open vacancies and to have the ability to apply on those vacancies. An integration between the website and the recruitment software would make life easier for the content managers.

The content model

A smart content model is the key to a good content management experience. The content model starts from the design system. We have translated the visual design into a design system according to atomic design principles. The organisms (or patterns as we call them) are translated into blocks in DatoCMS. By delivering the content model prior to the website's delivery, we received the right feedback just in time to refine the model.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis, Teamlead at Iquality, says: “Content modeling is very often done by developers as part of implementing the frontend. In our opinion it is a seperate discipline which requires the right experience.”

Integration with recruitment software

Job metadata was available in their existing recruitment software, so why not use it? But as always, not all the information, for example page SEO data, is available in this system. So why not fill this gap by using DatoCMS for this type of information? In this case, there was no need to import vacancies into the CMS system, but we did use DatoCMS to enrich the vacancy data. On the website we present a combination of data from the recruitment software and the DatoCMS system. The best of both worlds!

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