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Westside Studio

Westside Studio is a full service production studio with over 35 years of experience.

Made by Luke Tongue
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An experienced full service production studio, Westside Studio had ambitions for a new and modern site to showcase their extensive photography & director portfolio. They wanted a new look and feel for their website along with an easy to use CMS and an important factor for them was keeping the site as simple as possible with subtle interactions. We developed their new site in close collaboration with Westside Studio. The site needed to render as quickly as possible so we used the React-based framework Gatsby coupled with the Vercel cloud based hosting platform.

We chose DatoCMS as the CMS platform, primarily for the great Image and Video Content delivery network support as the site uses a lot of rich media throughout. It has excellent content modelling flexibility and an easy to use media library. Furthermore, due to the content modelling flexibility it allowed us to create an easy to use CMS. Lastly, DatoCMS integrates seamlessly with Gatsby.

Editors of the site report that with DatoCMS they can easily upload and manage their images/video aswell as not worrying about file size, compression etc … due to the DatoCMS image CDN optimising everything.

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