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Huihui Mai

Huihui Mai was a fully custom Canterbury-wide survey by the Greater Christchurch Partnership.

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Hui Hui Mai
Hui Hui Mai
Hui Hui Mai
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Screen show showing how a check box field with many options could be created.
About the project

This custom survey was a collaboration between several government agencies and asked the Cantabrians for their opinion on the city's growing infrastructure as our population doubles over the next 50 years.

We were commissioned to design and build a fully custom online survey tool with all questions and content managed via Dato CMS and data stored in Supabase. We also developed a custom reporting dashboard to allow the many stakeholders real-time access to the results.

By nature the survey was very text heavy. To make the material more digestible we used illustrations to made the survey more playful with a tinder style "yeah/nah" swipe left/right style question cards as well as utilising emojis, not just to make the survey more engaging, but also to help the users quickly see the answer options while remaining highly accessible.

Dato gave us all the flexibility we needed to create fully custom questions with various options the client to easily manage.

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