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Merlin Studio is a digital code boutique that specializes in creating unique web solutions to elevate brand experiences. Their portfolio website highlights their expertise in designing beautiful, functional websites with custom web development and scalable CMS. By blending design and technology, Merlin Studio delivers digital experiences that captivate audiences and support business growth.

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About the project

Merlin Studio Portfolio

We're Merlin Studio, a digital code boutique that creates custom web solutions. As proud partners with Dato CMS, we built our portfolio website to show off our skills and fresh approach.

Project Goals

  • Make an engaging and visually appealing portfolio site

  • Show our custom design and development skills

  • Have a seamless and scalable content management system

Our old portfolio website didn't have a CMS, and updating content was a hassle, especially with new case studies needing different layouts. We've been using Dato CMS a lot for our clients because it's super user-friendly for both developers and end-users. So, we decided to use it for our site too.

Case studies were a big focus for us. Writing them and gathering images takes enough time as it is. We created a few reusable components with editable variables in Dato CMS that stick to our brand guidelines. Now, making case studies is as easy as writing the text, dragging and dropping some images into a Dato Block, and you're done.

Design and Development

  • Integrated Dato CMS to make content management and updates a breeze

  • All our content, including images, comes straight from Dato CMS

  • Subpages for case studies are build automatically

Challenges and Solutions

  • Challenge: Managing complex content relationships

  • Challenge: Ensuring freedom in layout while still adhering to the brand guidelines


  • Made content updates and management way more efficient

  • Created a scalable setup that offers lots of freedom within our brand guidelines

Contact Information

Reach out to Merlin Studio for your next digital project:

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Merlin is what they call a creative “Code Boutique”. It’s a fancy way of saying that Merlin can help your agency or business craft digital experiences like a website, digital campaign or WebXR product. Especially experiences where realtime 3D is the key to the puzzle.
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