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The Orange Movement

Their Orange Bond Initiative™, a groundbreaking asset class, seeks to finance gender equality by tapping into the vast bond market to empower 100 million women and girls, contributing to a more inclusive, climate-resilient future. To establish its own identity and encourage other companies to adopt this bond structure, a standalone website was created, enhancing its authority.

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About the project

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) is the pioneer in the impact investing movement and a global leader in sustainability. They have transformed the financial system so that women, the environment and underserved communities are finally given a value and a voice in the global market. To date, their work has spanned 53 countries, unlocked US$281 million of private-sector capital, positively impacted over 159 million direct and household lives, and avoided over 1.83 million tons of carbon. The recent issuance of the Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 5 is now officially listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) as the world’s first Orange Bond. 

The Orange Bond Initiative™ is the world’s first asset class as a solution to financing gender equality. The initiative will mobilize the multi-trillion bond market to empower 100 million women and girls as solutions to build a more inclusive, climate-resilient future for all. The website was originally housed as part of the global IIX website, but in order to help it begin to build its own authority and to be seen as a bond structure for other companies to begin to adopt, it was important to create a standalone website.

We focused on creating a clear user journey through the website to help tell the story behind the bond and to ensure the complex target audience needs were addressed. An innovative interactive map was implemented to help visualise the scale of the movement. The site utilised emotive imagery throughout and included real world stories of the impact the bond is already having globally. 

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