Full plan comparison

Monthly subscription0199Custom
Yearly subscription01,788Custom
The number of different projects you can manage within your account
29/mo per extra project
Organization members
The number of members that an organization can hold.
Shared resourcesDeveloperProfessionalEnterprise
A record represents a single piece of information you store within a site. Think of it like a database-like entry. It can be anything: a blog post, a category, an image gallery, etc.
9/mo every 10k extra records
File storage
Any image/file you upload to DatoCMS counts towards this limit.
The amount of asset data transferred between our CDN/APIs and content consumers.
29/mo every 150GB of extra traffic
API Calls
The number of requests made to all our APIs.
9/mo every 250k extra API calls
Video encoding
DatoCMS creates optimized versions of the uploaded videos for different devices and connection speeds
30 mins/mo180 mins/mo
9/mo every 180 mins of extra uploaded footage
Video streaming
Thanks to HLS Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, deliver videos to your viewers using optimized networks for the best possible viewer experience.
120 mins/mo150 hrs/mo
9/mo every 150 hrs of extra video streaming time
Per-environment limitsDeveloperProfessionalEnterprise
A model represent blueprints upon which users will store the website content. A site can define different models for articles, products, categories, and so on.
10/mo every 10 extra models
For an international website, that's the number of different languages you can specify your content.
15/mo per extra locale
Plugins enable developers to change DatoCMS default field appearance with third-party HTML5 applications so the editing experiences of the DatoCMS interface can be completely customised.
Per-project limitsDeveloperProfessionalEnterprise
The level of priority your requests for support will be assigned.
Community-basedMon/Fri, response in 24hCustom
The number of users you can invite inside your project. You will be able to grant specific permissions/abilities to each collaborator.
9/mo per extra collaborator
Roles allow you to assign individual groups of users a different level of access to content.
Extra API tokens
While a read-only and a read-write API token are present on every plan, that's the number of additional tokens you can generate with custom permissions.
Build triggers
Integrate DatoCMS with Netlify/Vercel or any other external system. DatoCMS editors will be able to trigger a new build directly from our interface.
Real-time API clients
The maximum number of clients connected at the same time to a project's Real-time GraphQL API
Spiderable pages
If you use DatoCMS with a static website and you want to use our "Google Search"-like feature, that's the number of pages in your frontend website that we'll scrape and index.
History retention
View the complete history of changes made to every stored content, and restore them when needed.
3 days60 daysCustom
Sandbox environments
With sandbox environments and our content migration system you can ensure quick turnaround times and flexibility for developers — without interupting the editorial workflow.
History resolution
Period in which bursts of changes made to the same record by the same user (or API token) will be grouped into a single one
60 minutes60 minutesCustom
Blocks per item
The maximum number of blocks a record can embed
Blocks depth
The maximum level of nesting you can reach with blocks inside Modular Content or Structured Text fields
The number of different webhooks you can setup on a project.
10/mo every 10 extra webhooks
Maximum size of a single file upload
Any image/file you upload to DatoCMS must be smaller than this limit.
Available featuresDeveloperProfessionalEnterprise
Custom dashboard domain
Setup a custom domain for the administative area of your projects (ie.
Setup two-factor authentication for your account, and optionally require it for any collaborator of your projects
Video streaming/encoding
Empower your content team with the ability to produce beautiful videos and serve them fast to any device thanks to Mux.
Advanced media area
AI-based automatic tagging of images, dominant colors extraction, EXIF retrieval, advanced filtering, crop/resize/adjust images on the fly directly within DatoCMS
Collaborative features
Editors can see changes made by others in real-time without refreshing the browser, and with record-locking you can be sure no one else is editing the same content as you are.
100% White-label
Remove any occurrence of DatoCMS from the product. Everything part of the interface and email is branded with your specific company colors and logo.
Specify exactly which team members are in charge of performing the necessary checks and operations on the content so that it can advance to the next step in the approval chain.
Audit log
Capture every action happened in the system. Detailed, filterable, exportable, and accessible via API.
Translator roles
Give specific permissions to collaborators so they can only edit the content in the language they translate to, never modifying the source.
Static webhooks IP
Webhooks will be exclusively sent from a set of well-known IPs, for so that you can explicitly set security rules to ignore webhooks from unknown sources.
Single Sign-on
Ability to provision, deprovision and manage privileges of DatoCMS users through a SAML-based Identity Provider (IdP) of your choice.
Offline backups
We take care of generating nightly complete copies of your content to your own Amazon S3 bucket.
The number of different editorial workflows you can setup on a project.
Custom assets hosting
Store your projects' assets in your own AWS S3/Google Cloud Storage bucket, and serve them via a custom domain (ie.
Shared Slack channel
A direct channel of communication with our support team directly via Slack, to answer all your team's questions.
Guaranteed Support SLA
Legally-binding guarantees for how quickly a support ticket will be replied and how fast it will be closed.
Guaranteed Uptime SLA
Legally-binding guarantees about the percentage of time DatoCMS is guaranteed to be up and available.
Editorial Onboarding
Add a DatoCMS integration expert to your project to help you jumpstart your architecture and get running faster.
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