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UI Improvement
Blocks Library and schema editing improvements!
March 4th, 2021

Today we launched a series of UI changes to the schema editing area that we hope will make it clearer and quicker to make changes, especially regarding blocks.

First of all, models can now be filtered with a handy search bar:

The biggest changes, however, are related to blocks. A new Blocks Library section is now visible on the sidebar, giving you an overview of all the blocks your project has defined:

You can also quicky find which Modular Content/Structured Text fields are using a specific block, and move to the field in a single click:

The inverse operation — that is, moving from a Modular Content/Structured Text field to one of its blocks — is one click away too:

To specify which blocks can be used in a Modular Content/Structured Text field, head over to its settings, under the Validations tab: