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Creation of new records via API no longer requires to specify all fields
November 26th, 2021

This change was long overdue, and we're glad we were able to address it! 🥳

Suppose you have ie. a model with 10 fields, 9 of which are optional. Until now, when creating a record, you were required to specify... all 10 fields. If you didn't want any value for the optional ones, you were required to pass a null value in any case, or the API call would fail:

const { SiteClient } = require("datocms-client");
const client = new SiteClient("YOUR-API-TOKEN");
const record = await client.items.create({
itemType: "1234",
requiredField: "Lorem ipsum",
optionalField1: null,
optionalField2: null,
optionalField3: null,
optionalField4: null,
optionalField5: null,
optionalField6: null,
optionalField7: null,
optionalField8: null,
optionalField9: null,

In addition to being redundant and inconvenient, this was a maintainability problem over time, because when a new optional field gets added on the model, you need adapt every script and add that null value. Well, now optional fields can be omitted from the payload during creation:

const record = await client.items.create({
itemType: "1234",
requiredField: "Lorem ipsum",

Nice, simple and clean. Happy friday!