Product Updates

DatoCMS changelog for new features and general improvements
Improvements to Netlify, CircleCI and custom webhook integrations
April 17th, 2019

Today we just released some new requested enhacements to our deployment adapters!

The most important one is related to Netlify: you can now specify the Git branch you want to build. This means you no longer have to create two different Netlify sites, one for production and one for staging.

Remember that you can add a netlify.toml file in your repository to customize the headers on a per-branch basis:

# Staging context: all deploys from the staging
# branch will inherit these environment variables:

With CircleCI, you can now add custom environment variables to use to be available during the build:

And if you're using our custom webhook deployment method, you are now free to specify the exact headers and JSON payload to be sent:

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