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UI Improvement
More QoL improvements for your team
June 12th, 2019

These days we have worked hard on a couple of exciting features that we will show you later this month. Our roadmap will give you a hint or two ;). Meanwhile, we have published three improvements that we are sure you will appreciate!

First of all, we have hidden some aspects of the deployment environment for users that do not have the role permission to build. For example, the "Publish Now" button and all deployment logs are hidden from those who can't use them.

The second update is about clarity: when you create a modular field with the requirement of only one, the button to add another is hidden for the person editing the content. This feature is present in both modular content and record links.

The third update is the more substantial one: DatoCMS now changes the orientation of the writing in the single line text and multi-line text when you are editing RTL languages in a multilingual field. Arabic, Chinese, and many more are now easier to manage!