Product Updates

DatoCMS changelog for new features and general improvements
New Dashboard!
May 12th, 2018

We just released a complete redesign of our Account dashboard!

Some of the perks you'll find inside:

  • A completely renewed UI (which we hope you'll like it);

  • A better flow to upgrade plan and change billing information;

  • New project demos (PHP, Rails, Express.JS, React Native);

  • You can now download not only DatoCMS invoices, but also credit notes;

  • If users invited to a DatoCMS project erroneously try to login to the Account dashboard, they will be automatically redirected to their project;

We'll soon release the following much needed changes:

  • Better management of project transfers to a different account (destination accounts will have to manually accept the transfer request);

  • Ability to completely delete your account;