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Renewed media area... and some more!
December 5th, 2019

We have just released the biggest single update ever done to DatoCMS!

Here's a succinct list of all the changes that we have released.

Most importantly a big set of features strictly linked with the media area that you can read in the blog post.

Very briefly:

  • video support via integration with Mux

  • HSL video streaming

  • thumbnail and meta data extraction

  • extraction of meta data and Blurhash from images

  • redesign of the UI to support different image layouts and dimensions

  • advanced sorting and filtering

  • shared/personal filters to group and organize content

  • video previews

  • show where the image is used

  • the APIs have changed in a backward compatible manner to support all these changes and also our clients are supporting all the new features already

While doing that we also worked on a set of related feature requests: