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Splitted a couple of permissions to make them more granular
June 7th, 2021

With today's update, we decided to split two permissions in order to give you a more fine grained permission system.

Environment permissions

The Create/edit models, plugins and customize content navigation bar environment permission has been splitted in two separate ones: Create/edit models and plugins and Customize content navigation bar.

That's the before and after:

Assets permissions

The Edit metadata/replace assets permission for assets has received the same treatment, and you can now control the two actions separately:

What happened to existing roles in my project?

This change did not alter what your users were already able to do, or not to do. For instance, if an existing role had the ability to "Create/edit models, plugins and customize content navigation bar", the same role is now be able to "Create/edit models and plugins" and "Customize content navigation bar".