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More control over your pricing plan

Posted on June 28th, 2019 by Massimiliano Palloni

Online projects are practically living things. They change, improve, and evolve in a way that is often impossible to predict. Perhaps an excellent new market opens which requires an additional localization, or the amount of content becomes so diverse as to require more models than expected. In an ever-changing scenario like this, the idea of rigid price plans begins to sound anachronistic and, above all, inefficient.

The three paid plans - Core, Advanced and Ultimate - will continue to exist as a reasonable basis on which to build projects of all sizes, but now you can tailor the plan to your specific needs with five different add-ons.

When you change your plan you can manually add extra:

  • Collaborators

  • Roles

  • Models

  • Locales

  • Access tokens

  • Deployment environments.

While being all pretty self-explanatory, you can read all the exact definitions on the new pricing page. We might add more customization options in the future.

All the add-on process is seamlessly integrated into our new plan selection process. The cost of the add-ons will be shown to you transparently during the first phase.

In the review and payment phase, there is a summary of all the add-ons selected, including the updated plan price.

The new system is already online for everybody so that you can update or change your plan from the project detail page in your dashboard.