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Translator roles can now create new records!

Posted on November 29th, 2021 by Stefano Verna

A few months ago we released Translator roles: a way to allow collaborators to edit existing records only in a particular language of their competence.

The feature has already been used in production projects by a lot of clients, greatly simplifying existing workflows. But with mass usage, an additional need emerged: allow translators not only to edit existing records, but also to create new records by themselves (of course, by only entering content in their language).

Well, that's now possible! In the Content Permissions section you can now specify per-locale permissions on the Create action too:

There is one limit to the applicability of this feature, dictated by the constraints that can be set on the model: the translator will not be able to create new records if the model requires records to specify all locales and there's a mandatory localized field with no default value.

The feature is already shipped and available in all projects under a plan with Translator Roles enabled!