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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Next.js Sidebar Preview Button
A Datocms plugin to add a preview button to the sidebar of a model
Better Title
A plugin that automatically concatenates multiple fields to use for your Title field.
Theme selector
A plugin for DatoCMS that allows you select a color from a predefined list.
Chart from a json field
Visual Select
Elegantly visualize a group of options in the DatoCMS Editor using colors, images, and more.
Yandex Translate
Makes it easier to automatically translate your content into secondary languages
Model Deployment Links
Sidebar widget with links to deployments (build triggers) per model with configurable url path (e.g. `/{locale}/blog/{sl…
Next.js Multilang Preview Links
Plugin that provides links to preview content in Next.js for use in multilingual datoCMS projects.
Editor Help
Add extra info for editors to a field using Markdown content.
Netlify Forms
Plugin that allows DatoCMS show and manage Netlify form submissions
Sidebar Todo lists
Add To-Do lists to your records sidebar
Word counter
A plugin for DatoCMS that gives info for text and string fields about word count
A simple plugin for Dato CMS which shows a sidebar link to view the current model on the web.
ID generator
A simple plugin to generate random IDs for your documents in DatoCMS
Alt & title Quick Editor
This plugin allows the editor to speed up editing images' titles and alts in a record. Install it on a JSON field and yo…
Full Preview Links
A simple plugin that displays full preview links in the sidebar
Font Awesome
An unofficial plugin that allows use of Font Awesome v5 free icons in DatoCMS
A DatoCMS plugin that gives you the ability to translate `structured-text`, `string`, `text` and `seo` fields in DatoCMS
General Preview Button
Configurable preview button for DatoCMS
DatoCMS Conditional Fields string, text, bool
DatoCMS Plugin Conditional Fields for text-, string- and boolean-fields, you can separate the field input by ','. It´s f…
Default Date Time
Put current time as a default value
JSON Options
Render a JSON array as editable options
Scroll to field
A plugin that displays an anchor links menu on the sidebar to scroll directly to a specific field
Tag Editor with Ordered Values
A tag editor that stores the values in sorted order.
DeepL Translate
Translates your content with the help of DeepL
Shopify product JSON
Select shopify product and export json
Shopify product id
A plugin that allows users to search and select Shopify products, storing to datoCMS their Shopify Storefront product id…
Netlify Identity
A plugin that nicely displays Netlify identity user info instead of the raw ID
Sanitize HTML
Sanitize messy HTML with ease.
Gatsby Preview
This plug in will generate preview url for the gatsby site using the slug field.