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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Missing Translations
A plugin that detects and shows fields that need to be translated
Workflow tracker
Visualise workflow progress more prominently in record editor
Use Link as Defaults
This plugin provides the developer with an easy way to configure fields that a CMS user can overwrite manually when link…
Slug With Collections
Build the slug of child pages from parent pages in just a single click.
Dato Editor Addon
Allows content editor to preview non-MD view of content
Datocms Plugin Auto UUID
Generates UUID
Datocms Plugin Auto UUID
Generates UUID
Spreadsheet Record Exporter
A plugin that allows you to export records as a spreadsheet via your project's DatoCMS Dashboard.
Crowdin translations
A plugin that allows you to integrate your Crowdin seemlesly with Dato
Recursive Categories Editor
Custom recursive category field editor for School Road Publishing
BigCommerce product
A plugin that allows users to search and select BigCommerce products.
Alt Text AI
Generate alt texts for your assets in a single click
Everything SVG
A DatoCMS plugin that lets you upload SVGs to your DatoCMS project and select the raw SVG it in your models
Open Asset Button
Add a one-click download button to single asset fields in DatoCMS
Schedule Listings
Sometimes you need to outline a schedule in a way that can be manipulated on the frontend.
Sequential ID Generator
Generate sequential IDs for your documents in DatoCMS
Shopify Product Lister
A plugin that allows users to search and select Shopify products - updated to support latest Shopify changes
Dato Related Items
Links related items
Delete Unused Assets
A plugin that allows you to delete all unused assets with the click of a button.
Stripe Price
A plugin for fetching Stripe Price data from the Stripe API
Ckeditor Mathtype
Mathtype integrated CKEditor plugin
Manual geolocation
Allows manually setting the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of geolocation fields
Product Selector Shopify
Boost your Shopify store with our DatoCMS plugin – select and manage products effortlessly! Seamlessly integrate and cur…
Kontainer plugin
Pick and choose images from your Kontainer application and save the urls in DatoCMS
Instagram JSON Field
Display Instagram Posts and toggle selected posts into a JSON field
Preview Locales
Preview all your Locales with Gatsby Cloud or other Previewlinks
Language Selector
A simple select field for a list of over 500 languages and regions
Dato map links
DatoCms preview links
Matomo integration for DatoCMS
Wiris Quizzes Studio
A wiris quizzes studio