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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Open Asset Button
Add a one-click download button to single asset fields in DatoCMS
Preview Locales
Preview all your Locales with Gatsby Cloud or other Previewlinks
Translated Strings
Use a keybased translation for every language currently active
Responsive widths
A simple plugin that allows saving large, medium, and small widths, for use with column blocks
Wiris Quizzes Studio
A wiris quizzes studio
Extended SEO v2
Extends SEO meta field
Sidebar Record Copy Environment
Allow copy a record to another environment.
Saleor Product
Plugin that fetches saleor products
Icon Font Picker
DatoCMS plugin to visually select icon from any icon font.
Quickly find Saleor products and variants and link them to DatoCMS
External Audio Field
Add a Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Spotify embed field in DatoCMS.
DeepL Translate Button
Translate localized fields with DeepL button for DatoCMS
Plausible integration for DatoCMS
Dynamic Slug Prefix
DatoCMS plugin to use locale or other fields' value in the slug prefix.
Sidebar Schedule Publish
Allow scheduling the publish/unpublish by the date fields of a modelApiKey.
DatoCMS Export Plugin
Export DatoCMS content to JSON
Clear Value
Clear (null) value of a field
Workflow tracker
Visualise workflow progress more prominently in record editor
Instagram JSON Field
Display Instagram Posts and toggle selected posts into a JSON field
Single Select React
A Single Select Plugin built with React + Typescript for DatoCMS
Makestories x DatoCMS
First Item Selector
Selects first item multiple links field
commercetools dato plugin
A plugin that allows users to search and select Commercetools SKUs
Matomo integration for DatoCMS
Language Selector
A simple select field for a list of over 500 languages and regions
Shopify Product Lister
A plugin that allows users to search and select Shopify products - updated to support latest Shopify changes
Datocms Us State Selector
Selects US states
Makestories x DatoCMS
Desmos Plugin
This is a desmos plugin for datoCMS
DatoCMS Plugin to translate a model in one click through deepl from the sidebar !