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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Record comments
A plugin that allows you and your project collaborators to leave comments under a record
Default Date Time
Put current time as a default value
General Preview Button
Configurable preview button for DatoCMS
Tree-like slugs
A plugin that makes it so the slugs in tree-like records are passed down to the child records
Force Block Field plugin
Force modula fields to apply blocks set in validation.
Sanitize HTML
Sanitize messy HTML with ease.
External Audio Field
DatoCMS Plugin to add an embedded Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify or Anghami field
JSON Options
Render a JSON array as editable options
Cloudinary picker
A plugin that turns a JSON field into a Cloudinary picker
Multi-Select Conditional Fields
Allow fields to be hidden/shown based on the values of a multi-select input field.
DatoCMS Plugin Address Autocomplete
A React-based implementation of Google's Address Autocomplete API, for DatoCMS.
Tag Editor with Ordered Values
A tag editor that stores the values in sorted order.
Dropdown Conditional Disabled
Allow fields to be enable/disable based on the values of a dropdown field.
Sidebar Record Copy Environment
Allow copy a record to another environment.
Monaco Editor
Monaco editor for DatoCMS
Shopify product JSON
Select shopify product and export json
Netlify Identity
A plugin that nicely displays Netlify identity user info instead of the raw ID
Send record ID Button
Creates a sidebar button that allows a user to make a POST request to a custom url containing the record id as body.
DALL-E Asset Source
Generate images using DALL-E, and insert them directly inside your DatoCMS project
AI Content Generator
AI assistant to quickly generate realistic content based on keywords using ChatGPT v3 (OpenAI).
Responsive widths
A simple plugin that allows saving large, medium, and small widths, for use with column blocks
Conditional Hidden Fields
Conditionally show/hide fields based on condition written in javascript syntax
Gatsby Preview
This plug in will generate preview url for the gatsby site using the slug field.
Custom page
The custom page DatoCMS plugin adds the ability to have custom pages in your DatoCMS instance
Record auto-save
Auto-save your records after a time interval
Shopify product id
A plugin that allows users to search and select Shopify products, storing to datoCMS their Shopify Storefront product idโ€ฆ
Datocms Country Selector V2
Pick country from list
Extended SEO v2
Extends SEO meta field
Missing Translations
A plugin that detects and shows fields that need to be translated
Workflow tracker
Visualise workflow progress more prominently in record editor