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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Dato Editor Addon
Allows content editor to preview non-MD view of content
Sanitize HTML
Sanitize messy HTML with ease.
Send record ID Button
Creates a sidebar button that allows a user to make a POST request to a custom url containing the record id as body.
Datocms Country Selector V2
Pick country from list
Conditional Disabled Fields
A plugin for DatoCMS that allows you disable fields conditionally.
Force Block Field plugin
Force modula fields to apply blocks set in validation.
Datocms Plugin Auto UUID
Generates UUID
Missing Translations
A plugin that detects and shows fields that need to be translated
Recursive Categories Editor
Custom recursive category field editor for School Road Publishing
DeepL translate the original
DeepL translations for multilingual editorial teams
Record comments
A plugin that allows you and your project collaborators to leave comments under a record
Sequential ID Generator
Generate sequential IDs for your documents in DatoCMS
Conditional Hidden Fields
Conditionally show/hide fields based on condition written in javascript syntax
Cloudinary picker
A plugin that turns a JSON field into a Cloudinary picker
Use Link as Defaults
This plugin provides the developer with an easy way to configure fields that a CMS user can overwrite manually when link…
Ckeditor Mathtype
Mathtype integrated CKEditor plugin
BigCommerce product
A plugin that allows users to search and select BigCommerce products.
Stripe Price
A plugin for fetching Stripe Price data from the Stripe API
Datocms Plugin Auto UUID
Generates UUID
Advanced Table Editor
A table editor that includes boolean and rich text editable cells
Open Asset Button
Add a one-click download button to single asset fields in DatoCMS
Dato Related Items
Links related items
Manual geolocation
Allows manually setting the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of geolocation fields
Translated Strings
Use a keybased translation for every language currently active
Record auto-save
Auto-save your records after a time interval
Monaco Editor
Monaco editor for DatoCMS
Responsive widths
A simple plugin that allows saving large, medium, and small widths, for use with column blocks
Ninetailed Personalization
API-first platform that enables to personalize and optimize the customer journey
Preview Locales
Preview all your Locales with Gatsby Cloud or other Previewlinks
Wiris Quizzes Studio
A wiris quizzes studio