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Community Plugins
Easily expand and customize the capabilities of DatoCMS with community plugins
Conditional fields
Show/hide fields when you toggle a checkbox boolean field
Web Previews
Offer your editors side-by-side previews of unpublished/draft content, directly within DatoCMS
Hidden Field
This is the simplest field editor ever! A plugin that allows you to simply hide a field that you don't want anyone to ed…
Tag editor
A plugin that transforms any string and JSON field into a tag editor
Dropdown Conditional Fields
Allow fields to be hidden/shown based on the values of a dropdown field.
Visual Select
Elegantly visualize a group of options in the DatoCMS Editor using colors, images, and more.
Star rating editor
A plugin that presents integer fields as star rating widgets
Typed List Editor
Plugin for editing typed list (list of strings, enums, numbers) in DatoCMS using JSON field
SEO/Readability Analysis
Run SEO/Readability analysis using YoastSEO.js on your frontend everytime you make a change to the content of a record
Multiselect Plugin
A plugin that transforms a JSON field to a Multi-Select Input Field
Disabled Field
A simple, no-configuration plugin that allows you to disable a field that you don't want anyone to edit. You can apply t…
Table Editor
A table editor that outputs JSON objects
Computed Fields
This plugin allows to compute and define a field value based on other fields
Asset source for Unsplash
Search free high-resolution photos on Unsplash, and insert them directly inside of your DatoCMS project
JSON Table
A plugin for DatoCMS that makes it possible to add/insert a key and value and output a simple JSON table
Lorem ipsum generator
Fill your textual fields with dummy content
TinyMCE Editor
Custom TinyMCE HTML editor
Inverse relationships
A simple plugin that displays inverse relationships on a record's page
Content Calendar
Explore your editorial calendar, right inside DatoCMS
Single Select
No description available
Hide field from role
This plugin prevent certain roles to see a field
Shopify product
A plugin that allows users to search and select Shopify products
Sidebar notes
Add Post-it notes to your records
Read-only Fields
An DatoCMS editor plugin to support read-only fields
Sidebar Link Buttons
A plugin for automatically generating link buttons in the sidebar. Intended for preview links but flexible enough to do …
Theme selector
A plugin for DatoCMS that allows you select a color from a predefined list.
Commerce Layer
A plugin that allows users to search and select Commerce Layer SKUs
A DatoCMS plugin that gives you the ability to translate `structured-text`, `rich-text`, `string`, `text`, `seo` and `sl…
Sanitize Richtext
Remove styles copied from MS Word and others
Schema ERD
Generate Graphviz ERD diagrams of your project schema, and export them in SVG, PDF and DOT formats
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