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InfraTec Relaunch - global B2B Website

InfraTec's site relaunch merges sleek design with DatoCMS-driven functionality, offering global, multilingual access and top-tier SEO and security features.

Made by Digitalwert
Project shots
Homepage showcasing the range of thermal imaging camera sections.
Offline-capable PWA of the Field of View Calculator for on-the-go use.
InfraTec's full-screen gallery, showcasing high-resolution product images for an immersive visual experience
Extensive camera database with comprehensive filtering options.
Feature comparison of thermal imaging cameras for detailed analysis.
Backend shots
Overview of DatoCMS content infrastructure and site maintenance dashboard.
Snapshot of media assets management interface in DatoCMS.
Back-end view of the camera database overview in DatoCMS.
About the project

Infratec's website relaunch is a testament to innovative engineering and design, delivered by Digitalwert. Utilizing DatoCMS, the site offers a scalable, multilingual platform that caters to a global market.

A standout feature is the Progressive Web App (PWA) – a Field of View Calculator – enabling users to interact with Infratec's products even offline. This tool exemplifies the site's focus on user engagement and technological prowess.

The relaunch also introduces an intuitive product comparison tool and a comprehensive database, enhancing the digital experience. SEO is significantly optimized, leading to remarkable performance gains and top-notch accessibility scores.

Security protocols are stringent, ensuring the site stands resilient against vulnerabilities. Infratec's new online presence is not merely an update; it’s a strategic evolution that reinforces the brand's commitment to leading the industry in digital customer experience.

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As a pioneering Headless Agency, we specialize in creating Large B2B Websites, integrating advanced Automation and AI. Our tailored designs not only captivate but also drive sales, offering our clients cutting-edge solutions that transform their website into a sales engine.
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