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Skin Rocks

Unlocking beauty tech for a skincare empire with a community of 13 million

Made by Planes
Project shots
A skincare expert in your pocket; the app launched with a search and explore function, educational guides, product overviews and personalised skin profiles.
One database for 1000s of businesses to input their product information; we built a scalable CMS with a fully editable platform using Dato.
Filtering data for personalisation; we built a filter functionality that would help users better direct their enquiries and save their preferences for future searches.
Backend shots
Dato powers the Skin Rocks app and is where information the user sees is stored, retrieved and managed.
Linked segment content is used to group one record to another and make querying, filtering and organising the 17,000 skincare products easier.
About the project

Skin Rocks was founded by Caroline Hirons, a globally qualified skincare expert with a well-established brand and a loyal customer base of 13 million visitors to her blog.

Together with Skin Rocks, Planes qualified, designed and built the industry-first Skin Rocks app. It delivers bespoke product recommendations to help users navigate the complex world of skincare.

The app had 50,000 downloads on the first day of launch. It rocketed to the No.1 slot in the Health & Fitness app chart and No.4 in free App Store apps in the UK.

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Planes is a digital product studio based in London, taking businesses from zero to one.
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