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McDonald's Video Platform

On behalf of the advertising agency TBWA Switzerland AG, we developed a video platform to promote McDonald's nationwide engagement campaign.

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McDonald's Video Platform
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McDonald's Video Platform
About the project

For the realisation of the McDonald's video platform, we relied on a headless CMS solution and used Next.js to enable a React-based web application with server-side rendering. We realised the transmission of the videos with HTTP streaming (HLS). With HLS, the media files are delivered via a conventional web server, which can be used as a simple file server to deliver small parts of the whole file. The files are stored in different quality levels so that the end devices – in this case primarily mobile devices – can change the quality levels depending on the available bandwidth and enable video streaming even with poor reception. One challenge we encountered during development was browser compatibility. Every browser – especially on mobile devices – has different requirements for videos. For example, the automatic playback of videos on Safari works differently than on Chrome. We also had to develop different solutions for the responsive subtitles for the different browsers.

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