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The Agrarian Kitchen

With the introduction of DatoCMS, The Agrarian Kitchen can reduce some of the overhead in running a site, allowing more energy to focus on more strategic ideas that’ll help serve their customers just as much as their renowned restaurant hospitality.

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'About Us' page of The Agrarian Kitchen website
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About the project

The Agrarian Kitchen’s founders had attentively crafted the website’s original design and build, however it predated the time where mobiles were the main source of visits.

There was something special in recognising the unique character and longevity of the original design that had served visitors well. So Tecnica provided a new publishing system that could support a custom design, a restomod if you will, to bring the original design into the modern era of mobile phone browsing.

Their new website is now structured to adapt and welcome changes more easily as their business and services grow.

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Elliott is a web studio from Hobart. We share a namesake both in family and as one of the early computer systems brought to Tasmania, Australia.
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