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Rutger Heijmerikx, photographer

Unique photography portfolio website for Rutger Heijmerikx

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Rutger Heijmerikx required a website that not only had a unique and professional presence but was also easy to manage. Maintaining and updating his portfolio needed to be straightforward, enabling him to keep it current with minimal effort. By utilizing DatoCMS, Rutger can now update his portfolio quickly and efficiently, keeping it consistent at the same time.

The combination of a headless CMS and Next.js as the content-serving platform proved to be an excellent choice. This setup offers Rutger significant flexibility, including the ability to share private galleries with clients seamlessly. The integration of AWS and MongoDB with these technologies enhances functionality and scalability.

For instance, Rutger can effortlessly upload hundreds of high-resolution images simply by dragging and dropping them into client proofing areas. This streamlined process saves time and ensures his clients have a smooth and professional experience when viewing proofs.

In summary, the use of DatoCMS and Next.js, along with AWS and MongoDB, has provided Rutger with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-manage portfolio website, enabling him to keep his work up to date and deliver exceptional service to his clients.

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