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Our team of designers and developers migrated Shopmonkey from Webflow to a headless CMS using Gatsby and DatoCMS to create a more personal and user-friendly site.

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About Shopmonkey

Shopmonkey is an auto repair shop management software startup that empowers mechanics and shop owners to simplify their business operations with a full suite of cloud-based tools. As a rapidly growing, Series C funded startup, Shopmonkey had a big vision for its website and chose to migrate from Webflow to Gatsby and DatoCMS.

Starting, Running, and Growing Shopmonkey's Website

This is a common problem in SaaS startups: product development always takes priority. To help Shopmonkey scale, Webstacks provided a team of web designers and engineers to build a website that restored autonomy to Shopmonkey's sales and marketing teams.

Before partnering with Webstacks, Shopmonkey used Webflow, a "no code," drag-and-drop website builder that is an excellent option for new startups who need something online in a hurry.

For an ambitious and rapidly growing automotive SaaS company like Shopmonkey, they quickly outgrew Webflow's limitations. Needing something faster, built for scale, and which could accommodate their specific design needs, Shopmonkey chose Gatsby and DatoCMS for their Jamstack site.

Empowering Shopmonkey's Content Editors by Freeing Its Engineers

To remain ahead of its competitors, Shopmonkey needed a high-performance frontend solution and a robust CMS to empower its marketing team.

Now, Shopmonkey's marketing team can create, publish, and update any type of content they want without ever needing to bother their internal engineers.

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