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New React demos and UI improvements
January 22nd, 2020

Here's a quick list of some little improvements that we have released recently:

  • a record selection made on a filtered list is retained when the filter is cleared, making the filter-select actions more useful

  • added an integration with Google Cloud Storage for custom assets domain. Have a look at the docs

  • performance improvements in the UI and API (still going)

  • added a few supported locales in project settings

  • new documentation for responsiveImage in Content Delivery API

  • a new filter for uploads with sizes selector (B, KB, MB)

  • little improvements for key-based navigation in the UI interface

  • a lot of little bug fixes!

We've also recently released updated versions of our plugins:

  • Ruby client v0.7.10

  • Gatsby source plugin v2.1.23

  • JS client v3.0.14

On the demos side instead we've launched a new example in React, pulling information directly from our Content Delivery API using three different GraphQL clients.

You can read more in the documentation or launch the demos directly from your Dashboard > New project > Demo project > Single-page app!