Product Updates

DatoCMS changelog for new features and general improvements
New SDK and updated plugins!
April 8th, 2020

We've just released a round of updates on the plugin SDK and the plugins that we maintain.

We've added to the SDK the following methods/properties:

  • scrollToField(...pathChunks) - Plugins can use this method to navigate the record form.

  • saveCurrentItem() - Plugins can use this method to trigger a record save action without pushing the save button.

  • notice(message) and alert(message) - Use these methods to display UI consistent notifications and alerts.

  • itemStatus - Information about the publishing status of the record the plugin is attached to.

  • isSubmitting - Information about the record's form submitting status.

Read all the details on the SDK in the documentation.

Together with the SDK update we've released a new plugin:

  • Field anchor menu - A plugin that creates a sidebar menu that link to the fields in your record

and a few updates:

  • in the Conditional fields plugin - added a new option, invert, that inverts the logic of conditional fields - ie. show slave fields if master boolean is false.

  • in the Yandex translate plugin - we've fixed a bug that prevented the plugin to work with all_locales_required = false

  • Upgraded all dependencies and SDK

  • Removed localtunnel as default option as it's not maintained anymore and you can do withouth