DatoCMS Technology Partner

Lang Connector by Locale is the industry leading automation platform designed to streamline and destressify your localization workflows. Automatically connect your DatoCMS instance to any TMS, MT engine, or translation agency (LSP) in just a few clicks.

Lang Connector for DatoCMS powered by Locale enables you to quickly and easily translate any text content in your content models. Simply enable the needed languages in your DatoCMS system, and your Lang Connector project. This will seamlessly connect your existing workflows: TMS tools, MT engines, and translation agencies (LSP) to your DatoCMS translation needs. Once content has been translated, it will be automatically placed into your DatoCMS instance without the need to manually adjust and process files, saving you time, money, and giving your teams more time to to focus on your growing business.

Lang Connector by Locale is a unique workflow and automation management tool as it places automation where you need it most, but doesn't prevent you from utilizing the aspects of your existing workflows that already work well for you. And with an agile team of developers, updates and improvements to working options are coming all the time which means as your business needs change, we'll be changing right along side you, every step of the way.

We've even created a handy get-started guide complete with a video demo of the connector workflow that anyone can access, even if you haven't downloaded the plugin yet.