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Set Default Organization on Dashboard
April 15th, 2024
Introducing Draft/Published records!

In DatoCMS you can now save changes to a record without committing it to be published. Read everything about this big change.

GatsbyJS plugin just landed!

Do you love Gatbsy.js? We too! So we realeased this plugin.

Start billing your clients directly with Billing profiles

A new feature just landed into DatoCMS: the ability to manage multiple billing profiles within the same account!

Update of the JS/Ruby DatoCMS clients required!

Starting from March 31th, images and files uploaded to DatoCMS will no longer be served from the domain, but from a new domain: If your website is using an outdated version of our JS or Ruby clients, you need to to upgrade your project dependencies or images on your website will stop being served. Let's take a look at the details in this article.

Allowing rich-text editing within DatoCMS

Image galleries, videos, quotes... learn how to achieve rich-content editing with DatoCMS.

DatoCMS with Jekyll: A beginner's guide

A quick step-by-step guide to develop your first DatoCMS website with Jekyll and Netlify as hosting platform.

Announcing new feature: Slug fields!

A highly anticipated feature just landed on DatoCMS: the ability to generate custom (and permanent) slugs for your Items. Read more about all the details in this in-depth article.

New feature: Markdown editor

We just shipped a long awaited feature: support for Markdown content.