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Summer retrospective and plans for fall 2020

Posted on October 13th, 2020 by Matteo Giaccone

As another quarter passed, we are still seeing good progress, and we continue to keep our promises from the last retrospective.

Let's start with the progress we've made in the last quarter.

Sandbox environments for everyone

Last time we mentioned that sandbox environments were ready for a beta testing phase, we are now happy to say that this feature is available to everyone on every public plan.

If you haven't already, read the blog post about the launch of sandbox environments and create a new account to take advantage of the new developer plan to give it a try.

This sounds like no big deal, but really this has been a significant feature release, and we hope you enjoy it!

New pricing for scale

We've worked hard on our administrative side to allow a new pricing structure to take on board your request for an agency pricing and, in general, a lower per-project price.

For that, we've released a wholly revisited pricing model, which reduces the cost of a single project, starting from the second and progressively decreasing it. There are many more interesting details, like fewer limits in general and shared quotas across projects, besides other little improvements that will positively impact agencies' work. If you want to dive into them, you can read the relevant blog post.

As an example, the screenshot below shows the upgraded page where you can see how much your project is consuming. But we've also added more information on the automated emails and in the account dashboard.

More stats on traffic and API calls consumption

Fieldsets together with an improved UI

Another highly requested feature in our Community was the ability to group fields in fieldsets.

In the last quarter, we've added this feature, together with a little revision of our UI with a few more colors and better organization.

Fieldsets and new UI colors

Focal points

Remaining on highly requested features, we've also added focal point support in our media area. You can read the blog post around that, or have a look at a quick demo here.

Other improvements around images

We've improved our Gatsby source plugin to add our Blurhash LQIP support for images.

Then we've added the same feature on our Ruby client and our Dato gem.

Future plans

Work for a new v4 of our REST API has been ongoing without much noise, but there's still quite a bit to do before releasing it. We should be able to release that without affecting anything on existing API versions as well, so we'll provide a smooth transition if you want to.

This new version will lay the ground to allow the other highly requested features, around nested modular blocks (yes, they are coming), inverse relationships, and then a revised modular content editor on the UI.

For this quarter we will stick to working and possibly releasing the CMA v4, though, then we'll plan the rest in the coming quarters.

Soon we'll also release improved permissions for the media area and for a translator role.

We are also keeping up with the growing user base, but soon we'll need to do some work on our infrastructure. So we'll keep some time to upgrade our dependencies and prepare for that on our code side.

That's all for now, but, as always, feel free to reach out in our Community if you have any questions.