Content as a Service

What is Content as a Service?

Posted on June 1st, 2021 by Stefano Verna

CaaS takes new life with DatoCMS

Content as a Service has been a buzzword ever since headless CMSs, like DatoCMS, started chipping away at the monolithic ones. Separating content creation from front-end content distribution has enabled a greater focus on the actual content being generated, as well as easier integrations with other tools.

Traditional CMSs like Wordpress centre both front-end processes like look-&-feel, user interactions and user data collection, and back-end processes, like content creation, ecommerce solutions, photo editing, into one big tool. The pull of the proliferation of different screens where content can be posted and reposted was the definitive call to action for a new breed of CMS, like DatoCMS, that allow content creators, marketers and developers to do what they do best, without confusion, across an omnichannel environment.

The benefits of Content as a Service

CaaS allow content creators not to have to worry about where or how the content will appear. API integrations connect screens such as a smartwatch, a TV, a mobile app, a marketing newsletter to the the content that is created in a seamless manner. Editors and content creators can focus on making engaging content.

CaaS also helps data cleanliness: headless CMSs like DatoCMS can store content in this original form, ready to be pulled into the appropriate front-end later, without having to change the content itself. Indeed DatoCMS uses Imgix for it's image assets, so all images are automatically resized to fit the front-end device, without having to fiddle for ages to hit to correct size for the output.

With CaaS you can also establish a secure workflow. Because validations are matched through the API, you won't mistakenly publish content that is not supposed to be, giving peace of mind and focus to the editors.

Content as a service
With CaaS your website gets always updated data

DatoCMS best in class API CMS

CaaS as a business

DatoCMS was born out of an agency and its client requirements, so we know better than most that when a digital agency needs to create structures and content for multiple clients, CaaS is the name of the game. Security, usability and scalability are all key elements that allow agencies to quickly set up and fulfil their client's brief, just like Amsterdam-based Wonderland have done.

If you would like to know more how DatoCMS can power you CaaS business, don't hesitate to get in touch.