News, tips, highlights, and other updates from the team at DatoCMS.

We made big changes to our Pricing model

As you may have already read in our Community or while looking at the Pricing page, DatoCMS plans have changed. Again. Let's have a look at what it means for developers and professionals.

Why we chose Mux for DatoCMS

There are many reasons why we have chosen to become partners of Mux, the leading API-first video infrastructure company, so let's have a look at some of them!

What is a headless CMS?

DatoCMS is a headless CMS, but what "headless" really mean? Let's take a look at a couple of basic concepts.

How to offer responsive, progressive images in 2020, in one-line

Images are a spectacular way of improving conversions, enhancing the user experience, and engaging visitors. But images are also a real challenge nowadays. The good news is that with the release of…

Discover the all-new DatoCMS asset management

Today — after just three months of hard, focused work — we're happy to release one of the biggest one-shot releases in DatoCMS history, featuring best-in-class support for image, video and audio files…

Retrospective: what happened in Q4 2019 (plus some glimpse in the future)

We focused mostly on a significant upgrade of the media area, while adapting to the Strong Customer Authentication, integrating with Single Sign On providers and more!

Introducing our OneLogin integration

Today, we present to you our integration with OneLogin, one of the most complete and supported Access Management solutions in the market.

SSO Okta integration is online!

We are proud to announce our integration with Okta, one of the most popular and complete access management platform on the market.

We are working on a fast, reliable Media Area for DatoCMS

Our new Media Area is online!

The Media Area of DatoCMS is finally changing, offering you a wide range of new features and QoL improvements.


Community Translations: let our backend speak your language!

Our backend loves different languages and might benefit from your help!

A more responsive DatoCMS

We have updated our project's Administrative UI: now you can work on low pixel density screens without headaches!

How our customer support changes

Our plan for a faster, more transparent and discoverable customer support.

How to preview content changes on Gatsby Preview

With Gatsby Preview you can run your code in preview mode, allowing you to see the changes instantly on a live site. Here's a quick tutorial to try it in a matter of minutes!

Retrospective - what happened in the last three months

A retrospective post about what happened in the last three months in DatoCMS-land and some hints on our future plans.

Introducing our new collaboration tools

Our collaboration tools are part of one of the most significant updates to DatoCMS in recent months, so let's explore it together!

5 Reasons to Move Your Website from Wordpress to DatoCMS

There are various reasons to change Content Management System (CMS) for your online property. Here are the 5 best arguments to move your website to a headless CMS like DatoCMS.

More control over your pricing plan

Now you can tailor the pricing plan on your specific needs with 6 different add-ons to choose from.

Introducing the new dashboard

Introducing a new interface power-up for DatoCMS: we completely overhauled our dashboard and rethought the plan management.

Datastory: data storytelling at its finest

Datastory is a platform focused on civic education made by a team of journalists, programmers, designers and researchers based in Sweden. They used DatoCMS to build useful, engaging, and user-friendly…

Content marketing: It's all about emotions

Good content marketing generates profound, instantaneous emotional reactions. Emotions are - and always will be - the best commercial hooks. How do we do it?

How to create a JAMstack site in minutes with Stackbit

Good news: I published a JAMstack site in literally two minutes without writing a line of code or touching a single configuration file. No, I'm not using the term "literally" figuratively. I mean it.

Ever Onward - Our New 3-Month Roadmap

The plans for the next three months of product development

4 SEO Jedi Tricks for Your JAMstack Site

JAMstack offers a wide range of advantages to your team when it comes to optimizing and enhancing your content for a wide range of search engines. Here are four things to work on for a bullet-proof…

Hyper-fast development with Gatsby and DatoCMS

The wait for the new plugin is over! We finally have a new, blazing fast and super-stable plugin for our beloved Gatsby users! Continue reading to discover in detail all the great, new features we’ve…

How a purpose-driven agency performs so well (with the right technology)

Marc Ammann talks about how Matter Supply transforms purpose into beauty thanks to JAMstack and a motivated team.

Interview with Jeff Escalante: how HashiCorp gets the best out of DatoCMS

Learn how Jeff Escalante, Senior Manager of Marketing Technology at HashiCorp, leveraged the power of a headless CMS solution.

A new status page: a small step towards greater transparency

We are happy to announce that we have just released a new version of our Status page. It's beautiful, fast and full of interesting info.

Scheduled publishing, the perfect way to manage your content during Christmas

How to create an inverse relationship plugin on DatoCMS

Here you can find some easy instructions on how to recreate the inverse relations plugin in DatoCMS.

What will be our next big feature?

DatoCMS is still growing. In the last months, we released several improvements to make it a better tool for any editorial need. We received so many feedbacks from our clients and partners, and we…

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